Friday Fun – shade and texture

Shade and Texture give depth to our shots and our life   …

please share your creative version of shade and texture in pics or stories? 

Whether through your lens or using creative writing …
go where the prompt leads!

Please complete before next Friday using a pingback to link your post

This is another  Sculpture by the Sea


  1. Oh… I remember this sculpture… I was wondering what it was made of – some kind of mesh material. Very cool.

    An American sentence (17 syllables)

    shadows lengthen and linger longer as short daylight shifts this autumn ©JP/dh

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  2. Shades and textures.
    The title reminds me
    Life isn’t black and white
    Rather it should be lived in 3D
    Nothing is ever just
    One single way
    It can always be viewed differently
    Another day
    Things which seem contradictory
    That don’t make sense
    Can coexist if you’re okay
    With the ambi-valence (put the dash in between because the Latin meaning of the word is kinda two sides. And now I’ve lost track of what I was saying! And really gotta get going as it is.)

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