lost souls

what kills the light in ones soul
woeful neglect or insidious abuse
often a precursor to addictions

intoxicants, promiscuous sex
fuming anger insecure or jealous
some may be born that way but

usually it comes from early harm
a few manage to rise above it
most get buried by the quagmire

next time you meet a troubled soul
reflect on how they got there
helps suspend our hasty judgement

children have no resources to escape
then they grow into lost souls
we know them, we see them often

so parents and neighbours protect
every vulnerable lost soul
notify any abuse or neglect

more resources are needed I suspect
but listen and support as needed
for we each deserve love and respect


  1. Reading your poem made me sad. More people should read this and maybe more people would stop and think about these poor lost souls and be kinder and perhaps try to help them. Lovely poem, Kate.

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  2. It’s often dangerous to help a lost soul. They are injured by themselves as much as by others. The inner peace comes in the eye of the storm, with the knowledge there is more to come.

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  3. Lost children, lost young people because of drugs, alcohol. Your poem talks about it, reminds adults, because it’s their children … and adults sell drugs. Sad…
    best regards

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  4. Exactly, Kate, exactly.

    It’s so easy to disparage, and then, to ignore. “Why, this person is just so wrong. A bad person. Nope, I’m not wasting my time on this one.”

    Maybe all of this is true, but it’s just so, for a reason. Something (or, more likely, some things) dragged him/her to this spot. We may or may not be able to help, but it’s worth the effort.

    Powerful poem, Kate

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  5. Yes! I agree. Such an important message, SweetKate!

    And I think we should always try to help.

    Just being a consistent friend can make a huge difference in a troubled person’s life.
    The book The Soloist by Steve Lopez really speaks to this truth.

    I knew this lady who said, “I give people three chances and then they are gone from my life.” I thought that was so sad. Especially since it didn’t take much to get one of her strikes. 😮 🙂
    I’m so glad for the people who hang in there and continue to try to help others…Most of us needed a 2nd or 3rd chance in some area of our lives. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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