troubled times

when the dark abyss
drags me down
I blindly wear a frown

if I linger longer
shadows can consume
emotions boil and fume

the monsters grow
it’s my mind I know
why did I let it get so

resurfacing feels impossible
as I drown in the murky mire
happens when I chase desire

some need meds
but comedy and sun-rays
lighten my soulless days

routine reassures
as I prise those monsters claws
to brighten my attitude

knowing my triggers
helps me go figure
how to avoid the dark

a jog in the park
chat with a dear friend
life goes on I can transcend

shine my light
with all my might
I will win this fight!

dVerse, ‘dark’, HA …  I can gratefully say that this is entirely fiction,
what I’ve learnt from others as I’ve not known the experience!


  1. Very encouraging to read this
    you have won half the battle
    keep your mind clear and right
    don’t get confused by the rattle.

    Knowing you can win the fight
    is a big step toward doing it
    you already know you will win
    keep persisting, do not quit.

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  2. You have captured what so many (too many people 😦 ) have to deal with constantly.

    Informative, feeling, helpful, compassionate poem, SweetKate! 🙂

    With my friends who struggle with depression, I’ve asked them (on their good days) what can I do to help when you are having a bad day?…and they’ve shared those things with me and I’ve tried to be there to help in those ways. For example, sometimes it’s getting them out of their house to a well-lighted place for a cup of tea and a chat that helps.

    I think we can be a part of helping them win! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. Quite a skill, Kate, to feel what others do, even when (fortunately), life has spared you the direct experience.

    It’s the empathy you encourage, demonstrated to its best effect.

    It seems you’ve found a way to do the most good. In understanding the darkness, you know its contours, and where the last glints of hope shiver. It is precisely now the sunshine you carry with you from the real world shines. And, ultimately, heals.

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  4. I have several friends who are battling depression, for good reason. So I agree, when that “dark hole” starts to suck you down, you need to fight back with any means necessary!

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