when the dark abyss
drags me down
I blindly wear a frown

if I linger longer
shadows can consume
emotions boil and fume

the monsters grow
it’s my mind I know
why did I let it get so

resurfacing feels impossible
as I drown in the murky mire
happens when I chase desire

some need meds
but comedy and sun-rays
lighten my soulless days

routine reassures
as I prise those monsters claws
to brighten my attitude

knowing my triggers
helps me go figure
how to avoid the dark

a jog in the park
chat with a dear friend
life goes on I can transcend

shine my light
with all my might
I will win this fight!

dVerse, ‘dark’, HA …  I can gratefully say that this is entirely fiction,
what I’ve learnt from others as I’ve not known the experience!