I’m not my brother’s keeper
prefer to help as asked
healthier done side by side

some foist themselves unwanted
arrogant and self-righteous
presumptuous they override

some may not be ready
best done at their pace
help not mixed with pride

real healing can transpire

dVerse, 44 words ‘keep’ , Kim


  1. I think it’s best to help someone only as they ask us to, because we often don’t know what kind of help is needed, or even IF it’s needed. Just being willing to do for others is what matters, I think, because then others know they can ask.

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    • well said Bjorn, I’ve volunteered in one capacity or another most of my life and more are willing to help than accept help … wonder why we are so proud 😦


  2. What a good word of wisdom! In our arrogance we tend to think we have all the answers, when in reality it may not be the answer that is needed.
    A great line:
    best done at their pace
    help not mixed with pride

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    I’m not my brothers keeper
    I’m not my mothers child
    I am the ghost. The sleeper
    I’ve woken and I’m wild

    I’m not to be mistaken
    For a friend. I am the foe
    Beware what you awaken
    Be careful what you know

    44 words!!!

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  4. We all have to know our own limitations and those we choose to help need to also respect what we are willing to give. Every relationship needs compromise and cooperation.

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