NSW rail sold me a first class ticket under false pretences.

Staff were pushy so I asked the difference between first and economy and was told

1. the seats recline 45 degrees
2. the gap between seats is much wider
3. meals are included … good enough reason on it’s own

The carriage I boarded looked exactly the same as the economy taken previously

1. all seats recline at 45 degrees
2. ten centimetres may help the long legged but I’m vertically challenged anyway!
3. meals had to be purchased from the exact same buffet carriage where I’d previously paid for meals
4. economy carriage is very closest to the ticket barrier arriving and leaving
5. first class passengers have to walk to the furthest end of the platform each way!
6. due to fire damage sections were done by bus … there is no class distinction on buses

On my return trip I questioned the buffet staff who confirmed the above and that all carriages are forty years old. I know for a fact that our new carriages are currently being built in Korea as a friends son had to travel over there to install the wifi system. Personal wifi reception is not available for most of the journey winding through remote rural areas.

Yet they closed the rail link from my current location in May 2004 after 110 years. Most of the trip north is done in cheap local buses. Trains recently [a month ago] stopped running at nights or weekends from the capital to my nearest railway station. All manner of excuses are given eg line work, not enough engines but essentially it seems that they are radically reducing rail services from rural regions gradually and quietly.

Those in coastal areas can get very cheap budget flights as holidaymakers come and go frequently but move a few kilometres in from the coast and transport suffers greatly!

How is the public transport to your nearest major centre?