nurse or curse

chatting with my elderly neighbours
who have ongoing concerns with cancer
we debated if next time they fall ill
whether I should quickly call a nurse

or wait a while then call the hearse
none want to die in a hospital
with carefully audited meals
prefer to die in their own home

but often in rural areas we don’t
have access to hospices or home care
so the choices are very limited
any thoughts on how you prefer to die?

Friday Fun – dead centre


  1. It’s time to bid you all farewell
    I’m off to heaven. Via hell
    I’ve had my moment. Done my time
    I’m old and battered. Past my prime
    I’ll for the last time raise a smile
    I’ll raise my glass and leave in style
    I’ll for the last time kiss my wife
    I’m done with living. Loving. Life.

    There’s no tomorrow . Nothing planned
    I must be going. Shake my hand
    Nought to do and nought to say
    Adios. I’m on my way
    Sayonara. Toodle-oo
    I’m already missing you
    But au revoir. I’ve heard the call.
    Auf weidersehen. I loved you all.

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  2. I prefer to die of nothing.
    My second choice would be to die of delirious happiness from Trump being impeached, kicked out of office, and sentenced to life in prison (I might settle for this being my first choice).

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  3. Interesting AND very important conversation to have with loved ones, and friends.

    I was going to say something witty and naughty in response to your question on how I want to die. But, I’ll take the high road 😉 for once and bite my tongue. 😀

    I would agree with Ivor’s response…to go quickly and without being a bother to anyone.
    PS…when my mom and her best friend, Julie, were in their 90’s, they told me that old men wanted to marry old women, but probably only for “a nurse or a purse”…that men wanted a woman who had some money and /or would be a nurse to them as they aged. 😉 I thought that was cute! 🙂

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  4. My one grandmother was in a full care facility when she lost her ‘marbles’ but she was very happy. The nurses enjoyed her happy attitude.
    My elder neighbor is starting (at 96) to loose some of his ‘thoughts’ and doesn’t always follow through with suggestions like drinking enough water or wearing warmer clothes outside or looking in the right place for ‘lost’ items…. but he will not move.

    I’m not sure where I stand – I think if I had no family I might want to be surrounded by others who actually cared. Especially if I was loosing my abilities either mental or physical. Still hopefully a ways off a permanent choice in that matter.

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  5. A serious topic and one that has been discussed with my husband’s parents. They have all the paperwork done and all the children are on the same page. Their wishes will be accommodated as closely as possible (do not resuscitate). Sparky’s grandmothers both lived into their 100s so we sort of expect his mother to follow suit and his dad is going strong at 87… That bodes well for me to avoid being a widow!

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  6. A difficult topic for many I think.

    For myself, being surrounded by my family would be the way to head into the afterlife. There are so many unanswerables within the topic it would be difficult to come to a conclusion. End of life care and all that entails is something we all need to go over with our loved ones.

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  7. I spent a few months as a senior volunteer. I confirm that everyone has a different view of old age and dying. I would like suddenly when I am in working order. These wishes don’t have to come true, so I’m afraid of Alzheimer’s disease.
    best regards

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    • yes Alzheimers is a wicked disease … I just helped a friend put her mother into care coz her personality can switch to aggro so quickly with this disease 😦


  8. I would just like to be left alone. I can’t even abide people around me when I have a bad cold. I hate sympathy…..a bit of laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone. I’m with Sadje, when I die let it be quick …….preferably while reading a good book.

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  9. I’d prefer to go at home in a peaceful sleep. I have also discussed what I want done and don’t want done with everyone but am going to have paperwork done so that my wishes are in writing and undisputed. However, being a nurse, I have been in situations where the patient has a DNR and the family doesn’t want to let go so it becomes a huge tug of war. I’m still having the conversation often to make sure everyone is aware of my desires.

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