more sculptures

more Sculptures by the Sea, Sydney October 2019

includes a Greek god, ford falcon and a  dunny, my pics


  1. Great sculptures and great photos of the sculptures, SweetKate!
    I think each sculpture could be a muse for a poem! I’ve tried doing that in the past…looking at a sculpture and writing a poem about how it makes me feel, or what it makes me think about. ‘Twas fun.
    HA! on the Ford Falcon! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. I love your photos Kate, especially the very unusual Greek God placed so near the sea. He must get submerged regularly? And the best sculpture of all…my forever favourite…blue sky!

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    • lol I have seen a bronze statue of this fellow in a Greek museum, I find him rather handsome! But he is about 20 metres above the sea, the photo is deceiving, he’s on a cliff.
      What I liked about the work is that he looks like he is blending into the environment eg blown away by the wind or weathered by the ocean … very clever Marie 🙂

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    • I was rating the exhibits on how much interaction they invited … some obviously left the audience cold but the bamboo domes where a huge hit! People went in and didn’t want to leave 🙂


    • there was a very long queue for it … not sure if they were just looking or waiting to use it … it moved slow enough to be a functioning one and guess for some it might be novel!

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  3. Fascinating second go at the exhibit, Kate! My favorite of he lot is the Greek god. For one thing, that strikingly azure sea – can it possibly be real? Evokes the Aegean.

    Secondly, continuing questions of reality v. fantasy, it looks as though the god materializes from his world, into ours.

    It’d be pretty funny if someone got into the Falcon and drove it away. “What? It’s my ride home.”

    Brings to mind an exhibit at an art gallery that had patrons oohing and ahh-ing. Until janitors came by, drew up the drop cloth, and carted it away. Apparently, it wasn’t an display at all, but a work area.

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