decades of solitary reflection
peels back the layers one by one
to release the bottomless well of love
giving powerful insight into
others hearts, their true motivation

I see the sarcasm, the scheming
the games and the love … so few
sincerely care for themselves
too busy with no time to think
brainwashed by societal norms

buried in massive consumerism
yet these visions bring empathy
knowing they cannot help themselves
lost souls unable to console or heal
their spiritual connection corrupted

connection to country or religion
to a worthy cause or injustice
we each need a project or passion
to benefit our wider community
or shrivel inside loneliness and angst

we are totally interdependent like
a wondrous woven tapestry
neglecting this is self-destruction
unable to hit their pause button
I can only be helpful when asked

no isolated mountain top
just an ordinary worldly life
keeping morality helps avoid strife
as a Jedi I serve as required
watching too many neglected souls

dVerse, tell a story or show a character just in the things they’ve sensed, Sarah