all hallows

we are all saints
saints in our own respect
respect for each other is vital
vital for world peace and calm
calm keeps us balanced
balance is healthy for most
most struggle to remain cheerful
cheer helps us to stay sane

a cemetery is full of memories
memories of those who’ve died
died too young or too traumatic
traumatic death leaves deep scars
scars that haunt the loved ones
ones own demise draws nearer
nearer as we age for there are no
no guarantees of old age


  1. Majestic verse, Kate.

    Perhaps the current existence is but a test, to see how we handle this whole “mortality” thing. Thus determining our immortality.

    If we’re kind, loving and support our fellow-creatures, we pass the test.

    Have we left the world in better shape than how we found it?

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  2. Watching my elder neighbor… the choices he makes.
    Hard to watch sometimes… We all think he needs 24 hour care (especially after his latest fall.) But he will not leave his home.

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    • so many are like that … my brother and his wife were trying to live with mother for a year but she kept hoisting them out. Once she got her terminal diagnosis in April she was glad they could nurse her at home … a good reminder to not be such stubborn asses as we age!

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  3. That’s really clever. I’m a bit darker and say, “Everyone is executed in the end.” Some people are becoming “immortal” now. It’s like, I’ll be happy with 70 as long as I’m free. If you get to close to power like they are, you will be burned to ash.

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