In India life and death are cheap … the girl child, rape, marriages of convenience, the caste system. Laws inadequate for this is the barrenness of harvest or pestilence ever present in daily life.

Funeral parades and shaved pilgrims a constant reminder of death. Each village celebrates their nominated Hindi god, Saravasti a favourite. Fasting, prayers and musical parades with effigies honour their aspect.

But the major national celebration is Diwali, the festival of light. Lights blaze and religious rituals bless home, livestock and fields. Lights and fireworks brightly chase away darkness, clearly visible from outer space.

Hardships and grief paused as they enthusiastically celebrate. Everybody completely united … why can’t this be a more consistent state. Inclusion to break down strongly ingrained archaic barriers.

Women give birth and serve yet they bear the brunt, slave labourers, subjugated and denigrated far too much!

dVerse, 144 word prose to tell a story, Bjorn
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