haunting exposed

This must be the most honest real estate sign known in our world …
I have never seen a house so aptly described! 
We entered at our own risk and were eerily entertained

dancing jerking ghosts and ghouls
large hairy spiders and hands
carved pumpkin lanterns
all manner of halloween creativity
in our local school!

Friday Fun – exposure



  1. As an Aussie country-kid from back in the 1950’s, I really didn’t have anything to do with Halloween, but I have written a few Halloween poems in recent years. Here’s a little Haiku for you haunted house.

    No! Don’t go up there
    The old tree house is haunted
    Full moon night, glares” by Ivor Steven

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  2. I enjoy a good costume party (haven’t been to one in years though) – I can do without the creepy scary stuff these days. There’s enough of that in the daily news.
    But hey, props for creativity!

    The original carved veggie was a turnip! I’m not sure when the pumpkin was introduced. Another host has a prompt with some detailed descriptions and history.
    You can find that here: Frank’s haikai 110 info on Halloween, or Samhain.

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  3. Oh, how creative!

    This is the Halloween I love, a chilling whisper from just beyond the shadows. Subtly mysterious.

    Let others delight in overwhelming gore. For me, it’s all about stirring the imagination instead of assaulting the visual.

    Nice find, Kate!

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