those I ‘get’ I totally cherish
I can see, hear and feel them
keen to protect and never harm
dread the day that they will perish

yet those I don’t ‘get’ I can’t understand
I struggle to see hear or feel them
wish them no harm but slow to help
gives me no cause to grandstand

this blatant division into categories
is so damned arbitrary
yet I’m guilty as charged
need to embrace all equally

that is the only way forward
if I wish for world peace
to love all equally
to share and sincerely care

why build such biased barriers
for they only harm me
we are all equal
why do I fail to see

while I harbour such choices
there can be no peace
inner or outer
such randomness does fleece

our entire world of peace
how to let go
positive kind seeds I must sow
only way to know

real unconditional love