those I ‘get’ I totally cherish
I can see, hear and feel them
keen to protect and never harm
dread the day that they will perish

yet those I don’t ‘get’ I can’t understand
I struggle to see hear or feel them
wish them no harm but slow to help
gives me no cause to grandstand

this blatant division into categories
is so damned arbitrary
yet I’m guilty as charged
need to embrace all equally

that is the only way forward
if I wish for world peace
to love all equally
to share and sincerely care

why build such biased barriers
for they only harm me
we are all equal
why do I fail to see

while I harbour such choices
there can be no peace
inner or outer
such randomness does fleece

our entire world of peace
how to let go
positive kind seeds I must sow
only way to know

real unconditional love


  1. Powerful poem! We are called to love unconditionally…it is not an easy task. The ‘paw prints’ on our hearts have much to teach us about love; love comes easy to our four-legged friends. They forgive and forget; perhaps, that is why they are called, ‘man’s best friend’. Excellent poem…this is the creed we must cling to, this is the lesson we must strive to succeed at…to love unconditionally.

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  2. I just don’t get it
    I can’t understand
    That the people I like
    Are not those I’d planned
    That the people I like
    Are not those I love
    But that those I’m beneath
    Are like those I’m above

    I just don’t get it
    It’s a mystery to me
    That the harder I look
    The less clearly I see
    I follow the path
    But I stumble and fall
    And of all that I know
    I know nothing at all.

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  3. Great, wise words of reminder to all of us! Thank you, SweetKate! 🙂
    We must try. A deliberate effort each and every day.
    Our words, our attitude, our love, our patience really can help to change lives, which can help change the world. 🙂 Thank you for being a positive example and for pointing us in the right direction!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…the photo…THAT face!!! Oh, so precious!!! 🙂

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  4. You noticed it well and wrote it beautifully. The world needs peace, and people need love and acceptance.
    A wise and instructive poem, thank you for him.

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    • I took the Summer off and got back to blogging in September. I’ve been a little snowed under in following blogs as they all come into my email, sometimes I wake up in the morning to 200 emails. But I have recently sorted this out and so will be a more frequent visitor.

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