the sentinels of the grove
gradually shed their load
leaves of seasonal hues
caress the bare earth

natural nakedness is preferred
to embrace the white out
one must undress
so snowflakes can caress

their bold boughs
for a frosty winter
cannot defeat
the sheer joy

of that soft white coat
all will laugh and gloat
at the chilly wonder
of snow bound boughs

we need to bare our flesh
in order to start afresh
we need to shed our load
to embrace what may unfold

for if we grasp at dowdy dress
it hinders our progress
better to undress
to calm our crazed mess!

dVerse, Why did the grove undress itself only to wait for the snow?
net image


  1. Perceptive observation, Kate, about trees undressing to accept show’s caress. Leave it someone to whom snow is a novelty to notice such things.

    Apt, too, that you relate it to the emotional baggage we must divest to delight in new joy.

    The ejected burden serves a purpose, though. In nature, discarded leaves eventually become the rich soil that nourishes future exuberance, and emotional detritus similarly enriches incoming experiences.

    Still, the first necessary step is to drop those leaves!

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  2. What a beautiful response to the stunning scene, the like of which I have never experienced. I’d never thought of the trees undressing to experience the snow. Lovely thought.

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  3. Love this poem, SweetKate! It brought tears to my eyes.
    YES, each season in nature, and each season of our lives, is beautiful, valuable, and necessary for life to continue and to thrive!
    Perfect photo and poem pair!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  4. I like what murisopsis said! Take time to allow the elements to touch you. Like walking barefoot in the grass… or even briefly let the cold wind chill your cheek.

    It is a different view of things when trees and emotions are undressed 🙂

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