so tired of travel
just want to stay home
no wish to wander
travel days are over

with mother dead
can visit friends instead
but prefer to contemplate
my overactive mental state

the last frontier to explore
many surprises for sure
am nesting in my tiny home
no need to roam

building a bicycle wall
for my vines to crawl
help comes from those
who’ve done it tough

hearts of gold
not so old
but happy to help
without a yelp

countryside to roam
feeling quite at home
time to peel the layers
with quiet and prayers

time to explore me
in order to free
anything not healthy
will make me soul wealthy

Friday Fun – restful


  1. Home is where the heart is… I’ve move many times. This last time… we’ve been here awhile and it really bothers me that I get calls and mail from realtors who ask me if I’m interested in selling. Once I even got a post card that said something like ‘We sell ugly homes…” Really like I would use anyone who used that as their tag line.

    Ease into your lovely life and enjoy it!

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  2. With such garden and flowers I understand this incites to a needed meditation after the loss of your mother, Kate .
    And this poem made me think of the last line of “Candide” tale of the philosopher Voltaire. He writes “let’s grow our garden”!! This can be interpreted on various ways !
    Love ❀

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  3. I am so very sorry to hear about your Mother’s death. (((HUGS)))

    Your poem touches my heart. I can relate.

    We all need the balance of travel/activity/people AND home/meditation/quiet/nature, etc.
    The contemplation, quiet, and nature can prepare us for the days of busy-ness, loudness, and people. πŸ™‚

    HUGS, ❀ , and prayers, SweetKate!

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  4. I am (maybe) going to a funeral this next week – a 2nd cousin has passed and my mother wants to go to the funeral but it is far away and she is 87 so it is a decision that she’ll have to make. If she wants to go I’ll be going with her… She is taking it hard. She thought of her as a younger sister. She fought hard and lost her battle with cancer. I think my mother is the last of her generation alive. Peace to you.

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      • I had to run for a meeting so I didn’t complete my comment. … At the end..
        Ah passion fruit! more than a decade ago I planted passion fruit in our garden in india and after just one rainy season the vines were every where, even covered the mango trees πŸ˜€
        Gettign vitamin C was so cheap then πŸ™‚

        I like the way you disclose the news. “with mother dead”, this is one sad expression if one can feel it. I hope you and your siblings get a chance to each other in a happy way.
        But I love these lines, “time to peel the layers, with quiet and prayers”
        Every life has so many layers and for peeling layers you need one strong heart dear. My good wishes to you.

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  5. Ah, that awkward moment of a passing life and the feeling of love and not love, the joy and the damage, all so tricky. I love your lines, and even more, the photo – life.

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  6. A wistful sigh, Kate, carrying with it hopes for the comfort you’ve found.

    Does at least a little of your kindness draw from your mother’s influence?

    If so, that’s your memorial to her. A lifetime of happiness and joy is your tribute. Perhaps she planted some of the seeds, and you’ve nurtured them to exuberance.

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