relationships are tainted by prior interactions
those similar are readily familiar
more effort is required to know those not
in order to establish common ground

when successful it makes for a deeper
companionship built on tolerance and respect
I grow from those I know

same for close relatives
we all gain a different perspective
tainted by our interactions
that history includes good and ugly

kinder reflection for human error
enables tolerance and respect
I grow from what I accept

some do require boundaries
for unacceptable behaviour
as insecurities and jealousy
corrode commonsense

limiting harmful behaviour
helps all to grow as they need to know
exactly what is unacceptable

for all relationships need work
which if I shirk
sabotages my maturity and growth
love grows from the seeds I sow

negotiation and compromise
are kindness keys
to build on my humanity

posted on dVerse OLN


  1. It’s the “building” in the relationships that is the key. I especially relate to this line
    “I grow from those I know”
    I admit, I was sort of stuck on the word “tainted” in the first line as to my sensibilities that has a negative connotation. Your poem does move in the positive sphere though….I was glad. 🙂

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  2. This brought tears to my eyes…so beautiful and so wise, Kate! 🙂 And your title is right…’tis commonsense. Just wish every human-bean could understand it and live it.
    Each new day is an opportunity to “build on my (our) humanity”! 🙂
    Aw, love Piglet…and a wonderful message there!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. “All relationships need work” such true words that are often forgotten. Whether it’s to accept or set boundaries, compromise or negotiate – if we don’t put in the work, the relationship will never grow. Wonderful advice! If only it was more “common sense” that people would follow.

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  4. I couldn’t agree more…”Love grows from the seeds I sow.” …
    “when successful it makes for a deeper
    companionship built on tolerance and respect
    I grow from those I know”

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  5. Great line…”Love grows from the seeds I sow.” Sowing seeds of love requires a kind heart that is tolerant and willing to forgive. Seeds need light in order to grow; people need light and love in order to grow to maturity as well. Without the sunshine of love, growth is stunted. It is an interesting fact of nature that sunflowers look first for the sun. They also appear to turn to each other on cloudy days! Interesting! We do need one another in order to flourish as our best selves. 🙂

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