crusty karma

is life stirring up drama
things not so smooth
can’t find the groove
it might be crusty karma

when the rust sets in
when things get tough
don’t get rude or rough
kindness is more akin

be wary of any infraction
for every word or action
creates a similar reaction
gently seek satisfaction

as when I am ethical
good things happen
follow my passion
avoid being hysterical

for nothing can occur
unless I create the cause
so always take a pause
don’t react on the spur

it will surely blind me
be thoughtful and kind
so good things unwind
think pause and just be

work patiently through
all my rusty karma
try to lessen the drama
establish a healthier view


  1. I truly believe that if we just did what was good and right there wouldn’t be any need to worry in depth. Some things are out of our control. It is our reaction to any action that can clear the path to a true heart smile. 🙂

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  2. HA! on what the frog said…I snort-laughed! But, I didn’t croak! 😉 Ha!
    With me those thoughts always seem to be a bit naughty or very silly…and they just burst forth! 😉 😀

    Right on, Kate! Your wisdom is right on and valuable! And I love the rhyming way you wrote this poem and how it flowed when I read it aloud! 🙂

    Rusty and Krusty Karma! Love that! (Are they siblings? 😉 ) I talked with a friend recently about people having the ability to flip their karma. It was interesting!

    We must let kindness rule…it benefits both the receiver and the giver! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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