death brings relief
along with grief

which is deeply personal
as life lived is irreversible

some cry some rage
some need centre stage

none live in a cave
be aware how I behave

it’s time to review
what I construe

it’s mature real smart
to sincerely impart

my deepest emotions
don’t block them with potions

never know what I’ll find
as I unravel not blind

to those around me
being calm can free

a lifetime of memories
don’t give into treachery

find the fun
avoid the pun

open support be kind
as my emotions unwind

for I hold a life’s treasury
which should be complimentary

for me to grow
as I know

every encounter
the lesson I need

be sure to feed
the positive or heed

the downward spiral
darkness can be viral

cherish the warm
don’t let harm swarm

nurture myself with love
my loved one is above

watching my every move
reflection the grief groove

this pic was taken on a grey day, nothing has been altered