night riot

when late at night
my mind runs riot

I check to see
what it could be

too much caffeine
over stimulation

looking closely
allows me mostly

to know how I strayed
only me betrayed

by my busy monkey mind
check to see what I find

knowing the cause
gives me pause

to understand
what was unplanned

empty my mind
to unwind

stop the mental maul
so into slumber I fall


  1. I hate it when that happens! At three in the morning, every single problem seems to be so huge that I can’t possibly solve it, or even live with it. And then I wake up the next morning, and wonder what in the world I was so worried about!

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    • they are our pets, they are tame because we feed them daily but they are still wild / free … the whole idea of keeping a bird in a cage seems so wrong to me!


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