moonshine lights our way
with a ghostly silver sheen
making night as day

casting a calm coolness
over all we view
it is silently still

for the world sleeps
draped in its shroud
no ghouls about

only the odd owl
or a cricket call
while dreams unfurl

peace blankets all
yet inside some crawl
toiling at their chore

while most slumber
our emergency and
injecting rooms escalate

some feel safer
with the world asleep
at one with moonlight


  1. Spectacular photo and poem, SweetKate!
    I am akin to the moon! Cooper and I always take a late night walk and/or a very early morning walk (pre-sun) so we can gaze at the moon…commune and meditate. What you described about how it makes us feel is so true.
    🌝 🌜 🌛 (Moon faces! 🙂 )

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    • as a child my nephew could find the moon in a moment even in broad daylight … he had a total affinity. Bet you and Coop enjoy your walks and contemplation … I enjoy thinkg about you doing them 🙂

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  2. Lyrical, Kate. Thrilling words that quicken the pulse gently with a delightful twinge of anticipation.

    Similar to the moonlight they celebrate.

    Everything swaddled in soft gauze, with just enough darkness to deepen the intrigue. Wonder exalts and imagination savors the thrill.

    Though I’m a “sunlight”person, generally speaking. poems like yours remind of the seduction Night offers.

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