ever found yourself twisting the truth
simply so you appear better, struth

honesty is so raw it leaves nowhere to hide
easier to taint the truth why confide we lied

but once the lie slides out with oily slickness
we get locked into expounding it, it’s a sickness

truth is blunt so we dull it down
glaze over facts to avoid a frown

many take our word at face value
others see right through and devalue

as slander and gossip birth
they sabotage our self worth

creates much harm
kind honesty can charm

just a note that my interest in blogging was waning then yesterday I had a lovely email about an unknown impact I had via WP a year ago. It was most heartening to know one person benefited over these past four years!


  1. Post with a ton of thought Kate.

    People will often “bend” the truth for whatever reason. But, once “bent,” truth has a tinge of a lie attached to it. That “tinge” can become more ordurous and bigger as it told and heard.

    Truth is the truth whether people like or agree with it.

    If I or you had the answer as to why people twist the truth, even if only a little bit, we’d likley be well on our way to some sort of worldwide recognition.

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  2. I would like you to know that your posts have benefitted more than one person, Kate. I know, because I wasn’t the one who sent the email.
    Did you write this poem yesterday when your interest was waning? I think it’s particularly good and expresses the sentiment rather clearly. It is a bit different from some others of your poems, but consistent in that the message is strong.

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  3. Sometimes the lie just feels easier – but in the end, it never is – well said.
    You are not the only one questioning your purpose here – I came across another feeling the same way, and I too have been questioning my worth. Must be in the wind. Hang in there.

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  4. There are way to many who manipulate by false words – unfortunately the general media at this point takes top prize. Reporters no longer just report news there is always a decided slant that makes me cringe.

    I just finished reading a book on the last Cleopatra. It is amazing how those who told her story manipulated almost every aspect of her character – Mostly by men who didn’t think a woman should or could be a ruler. There may be many things she did that were perhaps less than honorable, but she was a brilliant queen who in her own way twisted circumstances for perhaps what she thought was the greater good for her people.

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  5. Count me among those who hope you stay, Kate. You have far too positive a voice to silence it. Oh, happiness exists elsewhere too, but where else is it supplied with such consistency and quality?

    Far be it for me to urge overexertion leading to exhaustion. Your output is currently at “10,” resulting in multiple new treasures every day. By all means, give yourself some slack. Relax, and delight in life. Maybe post at a gentler rate, whatever fits well with your lifestyle. Absolutely, but please don’t leave us altogether!

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    • exhaustion is a huge exaggeration Keith … my poems pop out as quick as I can type them. They are not hard labour! Just thinking to cut back as we are in for a super hot summer and I need to get more practical 🙂

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  6. Please know that your poems, words, photos, comments, ETC., mean a lot to many of us! You definitely have a positive impact here on WP!

    But, everyone must blog at their own pace, in their own way and time.
    I’ve thought of ending my blog MANY times, and again just recently. Feeling my words don’t help others. But, I think that’s just something in me that I have to work through.

    I find my best-pace is to blog one post a week and in between try to keep up with reading and commenting other people’s blogposts. I just don’t have the time to put up more than one post a week.

    I’m sorry if I have not let you know that I benefit from your words. Please forgive me! I will do better at letting you know.
    (((HUGS))) and ❤

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    • Carolyn … you read every single thing I post! No wonder you have no time left to post 😉
      I sincerely appreciate your continued support in every way you bring a ray of sunshine not only on my posts but when I read your kind thoughtful comments on others posts. You leave a glittering trail everywhere 🙂

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      • I LOVE reading everything you post! I look forward to sitting down and reading what you put up! You always bring me joy! and encouragement! and wisdom! and ETC! 🙂 You and your words matter to me! 🙂

        HA! Am I like a snail?!? When my kids were little-bitty we loved watching the snails slide across the sidewalk. They left shiny trails and the wet from their slime made the “glitter” in the concrete sparkle! 🙂

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  7. I try very hard to be truthful. The radio show this morning stated that men lie more than women… the number one lie told by men – I was working late. Number one lie told by women – It didn’t cost much… Seems silly to fabricate a lie when the truth is so much easier! Hope you keep blogging and that you get the much needed rains!

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  8. How nice that someone took the time to let you know what a positive influence your blog has been on them! Sometimes we don’t realize the good we are doing until someone tells us. Keep blogging, Kate!

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  9. What a lovely note to receive! And I’m sure you have brought positivity to more than one person through your blog. If we don’t say it enough, let me just make clear that you’re a wonderful blogger and friend! You’re writing is truthful, engaging, fun and at times provocative. Keep going even if you change the pace. You are doing good in this world!❤️


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