they have scales and slither
putting many in a dither
but they eat the mosquitos
and other things that bite

so spare them a kind thought
as we share the planet
they may look different
but they bring much delight!

a few of the reptiles I’ve encountered recently … they are common here.
The snake is in the grate was at my front door.
He hung around for hours trying to get in!
Tiny tot on right was a baby gecko on my kitchen window.
Big snake had just had brunch and was crawling across the path to digest his feast!
Water dragon was in the Brisbane gardens.
featured friend was sunbathing at Brunswick Heads, he’s got the right location


  1. What a fascinating menagerie, Kate, literally, right at your doorstep!

    Now, whether I feel pity, mixed with a generous dose of envy, or vice-versa, I cannot say. I suppose living in a suburban temperate place has spoiled me, in more than one sense.

    Do tree frogs inhabit your area? When my late grandparents retired to Florida, the amphibians were everywhere. Though tiny, only about the size of your thumbnail, tree frogs would serenade in their thousands, often silencing even the ubiquitous crickets!

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