true love

True love has absolutely nothing to do with ownership or control
it is about pure care that one get all they wish

true love has nothing to do with games or manipulation
it’s about genuine acceptance of all that we are

true love is not about blackmail, bribing or moulding
it’s about support without conditions or strings

true love is being wholly accepted
with absolutely nothing expected

true love is mutual healing
sheer bliss with real feeling

true love puts us at completely at ease
never afraid sad or in the freeze

true love nourishes us to bloom
without put downs or grim gloom

if no kindness in their heart for us
step away quickly with no fuss

it is indeed rare
so we must share

for we each deserve true love
it comes from within not above

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  1. My grandpa did little else than talk about how wonderful his wife, my grandma, on his death bed. Even when his mind went almost completely, he chattered on about her in a hazy delirium. They had a strong bond. I also love my grandma. I spend time with her each week. I think grandpa would be happy. She’s been so good to people throughout her life that she still has friends come to visit. Many of the other old people are abandoned.

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    • yes sounds like they had true caring kindness in their hearts and this attracts others to them. I had a great aunt who everyone loved to visit because she was interested in them!
      What a great connection for you to still have her there 🙂

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  2. “Love is patient, love is kind” really rings true, love is all about understanding, grace, and boundaries without being unkind. We try to practice this in our marriage daily and I can say it makes an impact on not just us but the whole world around us.

    Great post ❤

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  3. You write so beautifully about love, which is so little among people. I would like this feeling to be more towards others, children and the elderly.
    best regards

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  4. Love me. Love me. Love me do.
    I’ll love you back. I’ll love you true
    By spending every night with you
    I’ll love you in the morning too

    I’ll treat you special. Treat you nice
    At other girls I won’t look twice
    I’ll take you shopping. Pay the price.
    For you will be my only vice.

    Other boys will gawk and stare
    I won’t be jealous. I won’t care
    I will be with you everywhere
    Even in your underwear.

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  5. You have captured true love perfectly! ❤ We must love everyone we love with true love! Put out there, what we would like in return. 🙂
    Other-forms-of-love that people talk about or "show", are usually with strings attached, and are not true love.
    Beautiful poem and message, Kate! After reading it, I smiled and sighed. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • thanks Carolyn this was inspired by reading about young abused girls who grew up with the definition of love as “control and ownership” … they didn’t know it could be any different so I had to broadcast the message but guessing those girls don’t usually blog 😦

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