fly with me

I was skilful in sharing the workers salami sandwich. I could land and eat when the warm air flowed [speech]. But as soon as it stopped I’d buzz away a bit. Well as a little fella I could not eat much and the giant had plenty to share.

We insects and human beans need to learn to cohabitate. Makes for a harmonious world … That salami was sure tasty, hope he shares lunch on a regular basis. Best part is the strong scent … I will find him if he eats elsewhere!

a shared tasty meal
is so mighty unreal
I’m up for the steal

dVerse, encounter with an insect, haibun, Kim
pic courtesy of the net


  1. Ha! A cute, humorous write. Kate! Thanks for the giggles! 😀
    If a fly has landed on food, I can’t eat it. I keep thinking where those little fly feet have been! 😮
    When we eat outdoors, or BBQ, or picnic (etc) I put some bits of food on a plate and it is designated for the flies! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t! 😛
    (((HUGS))), no bugs!!! 😉
    PS… Kermit the Frog says, “Time’s fun when you’re having flies!” 😀

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  2. You are a mavellous wriiter Kate and you make me think of the great french poet Jean de la Fontaine ( XVII rd century ) who wrote wonderful poems where the actors often are animals ( such the crow and the fox ).
    Love ❤

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  3. For some reason this reminds me of a scene in one of the Karate Kid movies where the Elder catches a fly with his chopsticks…
    Cute view… But the flies can stay outside!

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  4. Loosely related, if even that, yet your charming poem brings to mind an equally charming drawing I spied at an Amish pastry stand.

    It depicted a man seated at a table, smiling in dreamy anticipation, the words beneath him urging,

    “Pa, Pa, Eat You Some Shoofly Pie!”

    Wise advice!

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      • The Amish gave the word to the “English” (all non-Amish), and I think we can spare a cup or two for our Aussie neighbors.

        The pie acquired its name because the molasses-laden pastry is absolutely molten when it emerges from the oven, requiring a stay on the windowsill to cool. Naturally, that attracts flies, which the careful baker chases from the prize.

        “Shoo, flies, shoo! Hey, wait a second…of course! ‘Shoofly!'”

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