key of kindness

I think kindness is the key
to all that I might be

if I’m kind to others
they might be kind to me

if I live in kindness
there will be more harmony

any kindness I convey
radiates an awesome way

if no kindness in their heart for me
move away, let them be

they are kind to others I will see
just healthier for me to flee

please try your kindness key
it might just set us free


  1. In regards to medical needs; for myself anyway if kindness were extended, there may not have been a need for a second opinion. But the kindness showed to us by the second Gent – made us feel so much more at ease. The fog will completely clear when we are done and then have learned of other tests results. Which won’t be for at least a month or so. But I truly think we can breathe easier.

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  2. Think of the audience, Kate, your kindness has gathered. We hail from all four corners, drawn to this site by the happiness you create. No doubt, for every one of “us,” there are three or four who like what they read, but don’t yet feel inspired to comment.

    If each of us pays it forward to just two people, think of the positivity your kindness inspires. Absolutely torrential.

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  3. Sweet kindness poem, Kate!
    We need more kindness in our world today. I think it is one of those things that is highly contagious 🙂 🙂 🙂
    and if there are a few who can’t catch it, then they are the losers.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  4. Definitely!!!! I think most people are kind. Whenever I travel I meet people who are nice. I’ve only had one occasion when someone was anything but, and all those on the train around were nice in response. I think most people want to be kind, if we just give them the chance.


  5. The importance is to know when to leave people alone 😀
    I like to be kind to everyone without judging anyone but had some bad experiences. Got my lesson now I know how to be unseen where I am not needed.

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  6. Kindness is one of those rare universal languages that every single human being on this planet has the ability to ‘speak’, whether through words or actions. What an incredible way to communicate. 🙂

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  7. Your poem hits the nail on the head, Kate. Kindness is indeed the key to living a meaningful, happy life. It is ours to give, whether or not it is reciprocated. The ones who lack the “Kindness Key” are locked out of so much joy, but they don’t have to rob ours! Our kindness is ours to give – and the more we give away, the more we have. It’s like love that way. I want to use your poem on my blog. Kindness is my theme this month. OK?

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