cancer post

anger jealousy greed are toxic cancers
eating us away from the inside
violating our peace of mind
they poison our equipoise

there are solutions
but it’s not chemo or radiation
medicines have proven ineffective
persistent effort is required

if only one can get inspired
to cut each one out as it arises
show no mercy
for they are thirsty

patience is an antidote
kind care can help
while generosity
will empower in this crucial hour

counselling or workshops may help
but self-discipline is vital
for our very survival
as they threaten our existence

don’t give them space
for they deface
our friendships
and our life

don’t delay
for they dismay
those we love the most
don’t be a cancer host!

dVerse, Metaphor, Bjorn


  1. What a great post and poem Kate. It had me going in one direction at first and then took me in another totally different one. Cancer and toxicity of our mind, soul and attitude can cause a world of harm and destruction.

    Whether they are found within us or of those around us, they can be eradicated. Love, patience, forgiveness, understanding caring, go along way to curing the cancer of our mind and soul.

    Again, great post; gives much to think about and ponder on a wet and rainy Saturday out here in the colony(Canada)

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  2. These cancers of the mind sets a vicious course in motion that if left unchecked could literally lead to early death.

    I’m a medical student and I vividly remember how a patient had his health restored the moment he started working on forgiving all that’s ever wronged him and set them free in his mind!

    That decision followed a little quote he read that says “forgiveness is settled someone free and then later find out that that person was you…”

    Significantly the stuff we kind in our minds does affect how the body works.

    Cancers of attitude can actually affects one’s life span.

    I really appreciate this well written poetry with gr8 ideas on how some negative attitude can affect us.

    # nice on Kate
    # cancer post

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  3. My attitude has always been one of gratitude, love, kindness, mercy, etc., and I still got cancer-cancer anyways. It runs through the family like water….back at least 4 generations. 😦
    I was born with 3 very serious health issues that I had nothing to do with…but they helped me to be determined, understanding, empathetic, grateful….doing things that docs said I wouldn’t be able to do.
    And I’ve known rotten, mean, angry, etc. people, who have never been ill.
    So. There we go. Life is life.
    But you are right that we need to live in/with patience, kindness, etc., because we can help the world to be a better place. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • never meant that cancer was caused by negativity alone Carolyn … I’ve also had it! But I also know that I resented all the unwanted attention my big bazookas created … I really don’t miss them at all 🙂

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      • I know you didn’t mean that…I just wanted to present another side. I had people say I must have done something to get cancer…even Christians saying it musta’ been sin in my life or God punishing me or something. I don’t buy that.

        That’s the attitude to have! When a friend of mine battled breast cancer and had her breasted removed her attitude was “Well, I’m not using them for anything anymore, so I’m really not going to miss them.”

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        • I just say “they tried to kill me so they had to go” but sadly other cancers are not that easily removed … yes I had too many ask why I got cancer. Like I was personally responsible, especially as there is no cancer in my large family … we die of heart attacks too young to know 😎


  4. So much wisdom in these words! I’ve always observed that those who harbor hate, anger and bitterness fall prey to illness and I’ve felt there’s a correlation. You voice it well.

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