lost in freedom

freely wandering in this wondrous world
I’m swamped by so many choices

most seek more and better
as I try to be content

with just what I got
I’ll get lost if I seek the lot

greed ties me in a tight knot
makes my belly ache like rot

who really gives a snot
about what ya got

don’t need a yacht
or a fancy hot pot

no need to be a big shot
just kind so I wont be forgot

dVerse, Kafka for Kids, “I am free and that is why I am lost.”


  1. Powerful and important!
    You, SweetKate, will NOT be forgotten! 🙂
    Bottom line: In life, it’s not how much people have, what they have, what they do, or even what they say…it really is about how they make us feel.
    And you, KindFriend, make me feel wonderful! Thank you!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. As you know, Kate, balance is the key.

    We are aspirational and idealistic, bringing desire to improve, and to wonder how we can make things even better.

    That said, amidst the storms, there’s so much in our world that calls not for tinkering, but for appreciation.

    Recognizing when we should reform, and when, instead, we just should savor, leads to genuine satisfaction. Occasionally, we know the difference. Sometimes even beforehand.

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  3. Many things fade, but a beautiful soul is one thing that lasts forever. How much better to invest our time in simply being who we are, and sharing our gifts with those around us. Material things in and of themselves are not bad; what is bad, is when people revere those things above people. It is a lonely life if one is tied only to possessions. A great life is not about things. A great life is about thanking God for all the good He brings to us each day, and sharing that goodness with others.

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