what happened to my youthful exuberance
I knew just what we needed to save the world

to change all those worldly wrongs
doubt never entered my head

I knew exactly what was needed
seems that flame was extinguished

as I butted head with reality

dVerse, 44 words ‘extinction’, Linda – inspired by Punam


    • with school kids marching it reminded me of our fight for the Franklin River … we think we can do it then gradually that exuberance is worn away … we did save the river!

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  1. Youth seems to be a great time for conquering the world and somehow experience and time seem to chip away our bravery and so it seems that resilience is our ticket in hand for dancing with our fears and doubts.❤️

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  2. I think we all battle for the world, just in our own lives. We deal the cards we’re given. It’s hard to fix everything in everyone’s different world, the giant world of 7 billion people, and I think it’s impossible to take in through a set of eyes. We all have to work towards a better tomorrow. That’s all we can do. We’re all creators and destroyers.

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  3. So true! We can all relate to this! 🙂
    I guess the world is the world and people are people, but we should still do all we can to be our best self/work on our innards 🙂 , set good examples, and live a life with open hands, arms, minds, hearts! 🙂
    And YAY for youthful exuberance, determination, and hope! 🙂
    That photo is so sweet! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  4. Sadly Kate, it’s not reality that turns a heart away from possibility — it is the unwillingness to continue pursuing it. It is the laziness of aging that kills wonder, not the inevitable result of aging.

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  5. Reality can really hit us and put all our idealistic plans astray. I marvel though at the passion of young activists for climate change. I know that our world will be better with their voices.

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  6. First of all thanks, dear Kate, for crediting me for inspiration! Reality is not as bitter as we make it out to be but it is true as we age our focus changes…from changing the world, we move to changing ourselves!

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  7. We do each change the world one day at a time with the people we encounter. You change the world with your ‘inner peace’ because you do not add to the drama. You change the world Kate with your words that strive for reconciliation; you choose as you say, to accept people for who they are…and not fight with them. So it seems, your youthful spirit is still with you. You want to make a difference. Now, you are older, wiser. You seek inner peace so you have more to share with others. You seek to share the lessons you have learned…this is a good thing! 🙂 You might save someone else, young or old, a great deal of heartache if they heed some of those lessons.

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  8. As you explain, Kate, reality often shifts our focus from externals to internals.

    In crossing that barrier, though, it loses much of its power. Cherish your inner sunshine, and it will dissipate the storm. The clouds part, and once again light radiates. You’re Example #1 of this wonder, Kate.

    Age brings patience, and we understand then that we don’t change reality with one sweeping gesture, but a little at a time. Sometimes not so little.

    Idealism is great, though idealism plus patience is what changes reality. It helps to have the humility, too, to understand that change may not come in our lifetimes, but it will get here, thanks to the efforts of people like yourself.

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