twats turds and toe-rags

if another’s behaviour isn’t kind
step away right now
draw clear boundaries
for they are poisonous somehow

some behaviours are unacceptable
but it’s the cunning manipulation
that is corruptive and corrosive
lingering is unwitting capitulation

that reinforces their rot
escape for personal safety
and to censure their hypocrisy
for insight is not their lot

such behaviour is like a chess game
with full awareness of each move
they are often super smart
but sadly lack social mores

self preservation is essential
as they undermine and belittle
their ritual ploy to feel superior
arrogant while really inferior

when confronted they tend to slide
smoothly into ardent denial
unable to deal with conflict
habituated in manipulation

it is their camouflage mask
with insecurities and jealousies
too big for us to task
no insight or reason

they bluff their way through life
seldom knowing real friendship
loyalty not in their continuum
oblivious to their plight of strife

inspired by my chat with Eliza about sisters … the rot maybe closer than you think!


  1. I have had my own issues with siblings. It is a fine balance to stay away from the negativity and try to keep communication open. Everyone makes their own choices on what to share. And sometimes when there is distance it is better to share less… the toxic opinions that might come isn’t always worth the shared effort

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  2. This reminds me of an experience I had as a newbie doing an internship in college. I would say I have a heart that wants to believe and trust others, though I’ve learned that we must at times be careful and most definitely listen to our inner voice.

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  3. Toxic people will just bring us down. I’ve learned that the hard way. 😦
    I try to be loving and forgiving, but sometimes the best thing to do is to just cut ties.
    Powerful, important poem, Kate! Thank you!

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    • I echo what Carolyn said .toxic people are simply baddddd…and i too learned that the hard way….and yes, we can be forgiving or maybe we can also forget but sometimes walking away or cutting off ties could be the best.

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  4. I’m learning there are really good people I need to continue to have relationships with and then those that are liars, cons, etc..only out for themselves. Those are the ‘letting go of’ people. 😉

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  5. All of us suffer bad moments, days, etc., when we don’t handle situations as thoughtfully as we would have liked to. Nobody is perfect, meaning we don’t run at “100%” all the time.

    Still, as you observed here, Kate, best to look elsewhere when you find someone who always is destructive. When the malevolence doesn’t cease, it is, unfortunately, this person’s “default.”

    Astute observation, too, that the most corrosive are those who hide behind a pleasant face, instead of overt hostility. Continuing your metaphor, these people are the mushrooms that resemble a tasty variety, but which are quite poisonous.

    Never go mushroom hunting unless you know your fungi!

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  6. haha I thought of that when I was reading what you wrote.
    When the manipulation is intentional then I’d say step away, when the person is unaware of what they’re doing, then you don’t have to step away. When it’s intentional it’s abusive. When it’s not, although it’s really hard to handle you can learn to enforce boundaries. You may keep distance because of how draining it may be – is – but you’ll be able to eventually have a healthy relationship. Obviously you have to decide if it’s worth the effort 🙂 with relatives it’s a different ballgame. (I know that I can cross boundaries, and it comes from having grown up with no boundaries with all the boundaries I have, slowly learned through the years from how others react, so yeah I can cross boundaries when I’m not aware, and do things I don’t like when I’m unaware, and it’s okay, because it’ll change.)
    Re boundaries, it’s really interesting how things change. One of the most amazing moments I had was when my mother wanted to know why I was upset with her for doing something, and I was able to explain to her that I wasn’t upset but that it wasn’t appropriate what she did so I’d just kept the boundary, and had her explain to me why it wasn’t okay – it wasn’t anything major, something like opening something that was on the desk in my room, she’d asked me about it and I didn’t reply to the questions because it wasn’t okay for her to have asked without having asked if she could look at it. Can’t recall if it was that, or along those lines.
    Rambling way too much….
    Happy Sunday!
    Love, light and glitter

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