if another’s behaviour isn’t kind
step away right now
draw clear boundaries
for they are poisonous somehow

some behaviours are unacceptable
but it’s the cunning manipulation
that is corruptive and corrosive
lingering is unwitting capitulation

that reinforces their rot
escape for personal safety
and to censure their hypocrisy
for insight is not their lot

such behaviour is like a chess game
with full awareness of each move
they are often super smart
but sadly lack social mores

self preservation is essential
as they undermine and belittle
their ritual ploy to feel superior
arrogant while really inferior

when confronted they tend to slide
smoothly into ardent denial
unable to deal with conflict
habituated in manipulation

it is their camouflage mask
with insecurities and jealousies
too big for us to task
no insight or reason

they bluff their way through life
seldom knowing real friendship
loyalty not in their continuum
oblivious to their plight of strife

inspired by my chat with Eliza about sisters … the rot maybe closer than you think!