routine rhythm

another sunny Sunday
washing and other chores
to prepare for the week ahead

routine habits rituals
keep us on the treadmill
duties expectations obligations

life has a monotonic rhythm
most seldom think to vary
or step out from the ‘norm’

on automation we conform
oblivious to our choices
illness or aging raises questions

is this what life’s about
we avoided making choices
well oiled in our rut

not realising there might
be more to life than what
we have blindly done

are you locked into routine
or dare to go against the tide
life is for living not to hide


  1. Thank you for writing this kate…i am reminded…i needed to do away sometimes from my usual routine chores as mom..
    And well i could be the “freaky mom” who is always on the look out for a strand.of hair on the floor or a dust on the table….lol.

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  2. Very well written…no wasted words here! Routines are comforting guideposts for our lives, but we need not let them define us. That is why it is always good to shake things up a bit. Even chores can be more fun if we add some new elements.

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  3. The steady clickety-clack reassures, as it means we’re moving forward.

    It also sooths us to sleep. Then, we often wake with a start, and realize we should’ve switched trains four stops ago. Who said commuting is for the unadventerous?

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  4. Right on, Kate! Your messages here have always been important and wise, but even more timely today! (So many people with their faces glued to tech devices and phones.)
    Thank you for writing this poem and sharing it!
    Love the photo, too! As I look at it, I wonder what is on the other side of the tunnel! Happy-Unique-Glorious-Sweet-HUGS!!! 🙂 They are not routine hugs! HA! 😀

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  5. You are right Kate if our life is like the life of a plant in a pot.
    Fortunately this has never been my case. I have always found new things to do useful to society and my wife too
    However your poem underlines serious problems of life
    Love ❤

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