Second generation Australian I live in this ancient land where the First Nation people are the world’s longest living civilization of sixty five thousand years. Their culture and history is deeply sacred yet barely documented. Research yields little, connection to the people and their land, gaining their trust so one can learn first hand.

Dreamtime and Songlines, artwork, healing and rich ceremonies were nearly wiped out by the invaders ignorance. I have no claim but respect their timeless wisdom. As a female subjugated to constant belittlement forges a heart link in my mind.

The government allocated ‘missions’ where they were raped and used as slaves, children stolen. These memories were left here with the trees, ghosts to haunt them for generations.

Some are so insecure that they need to denigrate others in order to feel superior. Tolerance and kindness have a more profound impact!

dVerse, prose 144 words, Memories with the Trees
photo is of Digby Moran, an internationally renowned local artist