Some people are ‘statuesque’ meaning tall and attractive but I tend to use this word more when referring to sense of ‘presence’. Those who make heads turn when they enter a room and not because of appearance, more that their energy or vibe attracts attention, their very presence … these are the true statuesque people.

Statues are built to commemorate, some for the artistry … few attract my attention yet are resoundingly popular as pooping perches for pigeons and other birds seeking a higher vantage point. Those that capture anatomical detail or fluid movement strongly attract me … like the bronze man in Greece. I was totally bewitched by his ‘presence’!

Here is a collection of a variety of different statues or sculptures I’ve captured over the last couple of years.

Friday Fun – statues


  1. I like that garden frog!
    I remember visiting some town with my hubby that had statuary honoring the shoemakers – a man and a woman at work in this tiny little side memorial park. I may have a photo of it somewhere…

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  2. In a cemetery in Amiens ( la Madeleine ) and at the cemetery “Père Lachaise” in Paris there are famous statues right above the mortuary monuments. They are very expressive and moving .In Amiens the most known is the statue above Jules Verne ‘s grave .
    Love ❤

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    • lol I just googled it, what a creative tombstone for the father of fiction … a man leaving his coffin, love it … thanks for directing me there 🙂


    • wow this really appeals to me on so many levels … great story, respect to traditional land owners … something my country has yet to do!
      thanks heaps for sharing this lovely bit of history 🙂


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