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It’s not the colour of your eyes but the twinkle in them when you smile at someone that defines beauty, It’s not the dress that you wear but the personality that you carry which defines beauty, It’s not how flawless your skin is but how kind your heart is that defines beauty…. – Sneha Ganesh […]

via Food for thought… — A Piece of Me


  1. “Zero correlation?” I don’t know about that.

    Every so often, somebody has both, or more rarely even, neither.

    Both cases are quite exceptional, though, and nearly all of us occupy the vast middle ground, drawing from both pools. That’s why exploration and engagement always are rewarding. Always, always, always.

    What combination awaits us today? Let’s see!

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      • True, though sometimes attractive people only became so later in life and thus, their personalities developed in their “unremarkable” stage. Not saying it’s common, just that the coincidence sometimes exists.

        After all, we don’t want to be too hasty, i.e., “He/she is too attractive to have a personality.” Probably, but not always. Besides, our lives are far too complex to produce nondescription. We’re not trout, after all.

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  2. A lovely rendition of how to delve into a book without judging its cover!
    I have always promoted to my children (my own, those I taught, my grands…) to be caring people.

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