blog cruisin

shh shhh shhh hush
don’t tell anyone I’m here
tip toeing about
reading here
liking there

maybe a comment or two
got the place to myself
on weekends
others are out
doing their thing

WP is quite as a ghost
nobody dare post
told it affects their stats
while I grin ear to ear
creeping about with no fear

a quiet chuckle as I near
catch up with reading
my sweat is beading
enjoying the down time
trying to compose a rhyme

do chores during the week
as it gives time to peek
at others posts
I make the most
of space to read

take a snack
then back to pack
more reading in
no pressure
a rare pleasure

as I meander
taking a gander
at what others
have posted
join me as I coast …


  1. I was away for a couple of days… Still playing catch up.
    Nice to just cruise along.
    Did get to see my grandson in his community day parade this morning. 🙂

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  2. HA! I snorted! 😀 This is a fun, amusing, entertaining read! 🙂
    I only have time to post a blog once a week (Even tho’ I have enough to say I could post every day! 😀 😛 )…but I do pop in on WP on the weekends to read, play comment-catch-up, to see if everyone is okay and what they are up to. 🙂
    That caterpillar photo is beautiful! 🐛 🦋
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. A fun summary, Kate, definitely gives the whole experience a sparkle.

    Spend so much time surfing now, it’s the new full-time job. What delightful employment! Think my boss at the other full-time job will understand?

    While I manage one post a week, and barely at that, others populate the universe a thousand times over.

    “Calm down. This isn’t a contest!”

    Good, because I’m losing for sure.

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