Friday Fun – statues

statues are built to commemorate, to decorate, for many reasons

please share your pics or stories about statues that resonate …
or take this opportunity to showcase your collection statue pics! 

Whether through your lens or using creative writing … go where the prompt leads!

Please complete before next Friday using a pingback to link your post.


  1. I love looking at statues! And some of my favourites (weirdly?) are at cemeteries…as they are often of angels or children…and more meaningful to me.
    I have a great “old” statue photo…yes, the statue is old and the photo is old…but I have no idea where to find it these days. 😦

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    • Not a weak excuse. I was telling it like it is.
      It’s a photo I’m pretty sure I gave to one of my kids (cause they are all in it as preschoolers) and I don’t have a copy of it. That’s back when photos were taken with cameras, not phones. And we didn’t have computers to scan photos, into, etc. Most of our older photos are photos in frames, photo albums, and in boxes and not on our computers or our phones. 🙂

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      • might be worth making them digital … so many here lose those collections in floods or fire so either park them in that cloud or on a pin drive … sorry I was jesting, no harm meant 🙂

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        • No harm taken.
          Yes, I don’t know how to make them all digital, but the kids have all their childhood photos original form or scanned on their computers and I am the keeper of all of the other original photos. Even those of my great grandparents, forward. 🙂
          It’s so sad when people lose their photos in any way(s) I’ve had friends who lost all the ones they had put on their computer. 😦

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  2. i keep forgetting to take a snapshot of the name and description of the statues i photograph! frustrating! good prompt to remember those who should be remembered

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