What to do about our friend Stew
loses the plot a lot ..
will we book him into the zoo*
PSTD he has got!

can’t sleep at night
often looking for a fight
short fuse, swift to blow
family wanting to go

restless and angry
can’t keep a job
suspicious and jumpy
easy to take fright

comes from trauma they say
his family certainly pay
for living with him
they said it’s a sin

his symptoms fill reams
No cure it seems
treatment in doubt
we want to help out

but what can we do
when he stays away
avoids his family too
won’t talk on the phone

maybe we best leave him alone
kids have left home
wife in despair
he just can’t show his care …

• * euphemism for a psych unit
• the Bard perfectly described this condition in Macbeth well before DSM came into existence!
dVerse, descriptive detail, Frank + making much of madness, Laura