Lyn was short, pretty and slim
always had a wide grin
she loved bushwalking
did lots of talking

We all knew she was ‘ill’
yet it was fixed with a pill
too scared to ask what
or even how she got

so long as she was ‘normal’
we kept it informal
her company we enjoyed
and she was gainfully employed

Steve came along
as a couple it was strong
next thing she had Daisy
soon after she went crazy!

many months on a ward
we stepped back of one accord
Steve cared for their daughter at a cost
we let Lyn be lost.

how could our good friend
be a schizophrenic [bipolar] in the end
she had seemed just like us
it was far too confronting

befriended by Dan, a handsome strong farmer
as time went by he became less calmer
he had Lyn’s dis ease
knowledge of which I had to gain please?

back to Lyn I did go
met her and three friends at a show
told me voices in their head
made them do strange things in bed

met their psychiatrist too
told of mood swings
paranoid notions and other things
said best for friends to keep in touch

Lyn doesn’t walk or talk much
we write when she can as such
she is unemployed and seldom grins
Daisy visits on vacations

Dan and both brothers need medication
their aging parents overwhelmed
we general public need to hone
care and skills to help these people stay home

for if we could sustain friendships
it would help their emotional dips
they are suffering humans
who need loving kindness

their families struggle on
worried what will happen when they’re gone
so if you meet these good people
remember we could be one

please befriend them and have fun
for those that suffer most
seem to develop a host
of special qualities

19.8.05 – from my archives but worth posting
medication has improved greatly but attitudes maybe not so much …

dVerse, making much of madness, Laura

Lyn is about to become a grandmother, seldom leaves her unit and contact is by text only … names have been changed. That psychiatrist suicided when it became public that he had sexually abused many of these beautiful young ladies under his care …

here is another very different poem about our ‘sanity’