evading domestics

domestic + goddess [hausfrau] = domstress
hysterical + chronic [chronically hysterical] = hysteronics
mopping + vacuuming [cleaning the floors] = movac
personal + confession = mefesup

Not all of us are domstresses
some of us get hysteronics
just trying to do the movacing
… mefesup

Swirdle Prompt where two words curl around each other to form a new word!

pic is my vision of a domstress, no hands to mop or sweep ….


  1. HA! I snort-laughed! πŸ˜€ Love your words and your poem! πŸ˜€ I’m an evading domstress, too! HA! πŸ˜›

    I’ll reshare my swirdleness here…

    Here are my words and a β€œswirdle” haiku!

    ponder + wonderful = ponderful
    glad + happy = glappy
    grateful + amorous + gramorous

    A ponderful day
    So amusingly glappy
    Feeling gramorous


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  2. Somewhere I have a photo of an old vanity licence plate that says:
    I H8 HSWRK or I hate housework πŸ™‚
    sounds like a fun prompt, but I just have too much else going on. Maybe I’ll try the next one…

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  3. And thus, we created our own language. Archeologists 2,000 years hence will find this forum and wonder what we were on about. “Doesn’t match up with any ’21st Century English’ dictionary I have.”

    Astoundilating! (Astounding + Scintillating)

    Oh, wow, that one was lame. Fine, I’ll stick to English.

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