Vic was charming and slick
picked up many a cute chick
keeping them was the trick

coz Vic became a real prick
the drink made him sick
tried to beat them with a stick

they’d give him the flick
so he avoided the nick

dVerse, Nick, quadrille 44 words, De Jackson
NB the man depicted is the complete opposite to Vic – a gentle family man …


  1. This made me smile so wide
    Vic should learn to glide
    Which reality with to side
    Him, should we chide
    This is so bad, but I don’t need to hide

    Love, light and glitter

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    • he is a really gorgeous character … had his own furniture business for decades but now makes more money busking a couple of hours at Circular Quay than he could make a week in his business. Plays that bottle top stick to old tunes .. he’s super sweet 🙂

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