crossing over

I prefer to cross bridges than scale fences or walls

framed - 1

bridges allow traffic either way
fences are boundaries what else to say


one lends itself to a continual flow
the other clearly says stop, do not go


one encourages diversity and tolerance
the other blocks and limits, no conference


seen men saved by a human chain
risking their lives in torrid weather
they formed a human bridge to save

I’ve seen animals completely bewildered
banging themselves senseless against fences
their fear keeps them captive, they see no escape

do you build bridges or erect fences?

Friday Fun – bridges


  1. There’s another bridge that we’ll all see one day… I hear it’s the ultimate of all pathways. Our sweet family pup crossed it today. All is well again, he’s run to painlessly play. ❤

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  2. From the air there are no fences… or borders.
    There are some very artistic and historic bridges – Going north on I’ve seen some very lovely art deco rail bridges. We are always going just to fast and there isn’t time or a safe place to stop for photo.

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  3. Great way to look at it, Kate! Until reading your post, I never had thought of bridges as being great champions of fluidity. Now, it seems so obvious!

    Indeed, bridges are monuments to optimism. They represent achievement, an obstacle overcome, and they provide passage to the future. Think of how richer our lives are because of the things bridges bring to us (or, more accurately, allow us to access).

    “Never traveled more than three miles from where I was born.” Not if bridges have anything to say about it!

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      • Oh, no,. Actually, due to my parents being transferred when I was kid, and to the jobs I myself took post-graduation, I’ve lived in L.A., New York and in Chicago, among other places. Then, there are the spots I’ve visited…

        Anyway, I can’t hope to match your adventures, Kate. Just from reading your posts, and recalling our other conversations, there’s Austria, Spain, India, Oz….

        What have I missed? How about Antarctica? Have you ever been there? If you respond, “Well, actually…” I’m throwing in the towel!

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