Father and daughter were ardent unionists who couldn’t bear injustice. So both worked hard to ensure public servants had fair treatment.

Although neither liked meetings they were a means to an end to gather and disseminate information. All of this was on top of their full-time workload as they were consciously meticulous to complete all designated duties.

Holding strongly to the ethics of fair work for fair wages. Such attitudes assured them of respect from their bosses and colleagues.

Respect and growth bloom
When the right seeds were planted
Spring sees them blossom

dVerse, haibun with regard to Labour Day, Frank


  1. Emphatically written Kate, a subject close to to my heart, …Carole was secretary of the local labour party branch, and her father was a hard working union organiser,for the liquor & allied trades, making sure members, were always paid fairly their hard work,

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  2. A wonderful important write, Kate! We need more people in the world like the father and daughter you write about!
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…for years, my youngest kiddo worked for an organization that championed the rights and fairness for people who didn’t have a union. They helped those who needed health insurance, paid sick leave, raises in salary, etc.

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    • oh what a wonderful job Carolyn, we have nothing like that here … do it yourself or it doesn’t happen and the corruption within has ruined our unions … doubt anyone has faith in them anymore and the wealthy win again!

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  3. I’ve been gutted. I hurt for justice, but I know better at the same time. It harms me psychologically. I just wait for them to fail at their stupid game. They can drown in blood and be the only ones eating goodies. I’ll just go to Hell. They aren’t invited.

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  4. I was once part of an institution where we dont have unions, was it good? It was indeed becausè, from where i am Unions or members of unions are actually being used in a different way, mostly union leaders are using their members for their own personal vested interest. I remembered once , a union leader figthing for the rights of the workers… and fast forward few years after i saw him.on TV, as a government official by then he has authored laws that curtailed and minimized the priveledges of laborers…

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