today some sad things happened
a child died too young to teach us life is far too short
a young man was diagnosed as leukemia he fought

today some good things happened
a friend heard she would become a grandmother soon
a breakthrough means some patients will hear a tune

every day some sad and good things happen
when we focus on the good our soul gets a warm glow
then we know for certain that humanity can surely grow


  1. every day some sad and good things happen
    when we focus on the good our soul gets a warm glow
    then we know for certain that humanity can surely grow

    This is a good word of wisdom! Keep a positive attitude and perspective!

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  2. Growth and feeling the worth of living life really do come down to how we choose our focus, it seems. I love your thoughtful exploration of this.

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  3. Effective insights, Kate. The good and the bad, both with us always.

    That much is inevitable, though we have a thing or two to say about their proportions. If we emphasize the positive, both in our outlook and in our actions, it builds up the useful side of the ledger., Thusly, when bad things do happen, we’re buoyed past them.

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    • yes Jules and yesterday we had a pre-school group visit the hospital where I volunteer … they didn’t come into our unit but just seeing and hearing them as they walk past gave us joy 🙂

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  4. Every life is touched by sunshine and shadows; in every situation, we look for the best possible outcome. If we can bring some sunshine to the people around us, that is a very good thing. It seems that the more joy we spread around, the more joy we find to give away. I have always thought of this as God’s economy; He can take a little bit of something good, and make so much more.

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        • Are you referring to my passion for woodworking? Hammering, nailing, drilling, screwing ….

          Actually the poem was about the meaninglessness of life. About our constant obsession with survival and reproduction – only to have those that we reproduce continue with the same obsession. There is no progress. We just keep doing the same things over and over again. Century after century.

          Or maybe it was a poem about woodworking on a full stomach. I can’t decide.

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  5. So true. Many a times I try to focus on the little joyful moments of my life than thinking about those problems which are out of my control.
    But then sometimes its hard to bear the pain but life goes on.

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  6. It is hard to read past “a child died to young”, and yet, you are right there is always a message for us…if we listen. This year has “gifted me” with what I thought was overwhelming, and yet at the beginning and end of everyday, I could find countless things to be grateful for. Thanks for the reminder……Donna

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