liberation …

colonialism has corrupted
local customs and beliefs

invaders act superior as they enforce
their preferred customs and religion

referring to locals as barbarians
or worse still don’t acknowledge

they come with Bible in one hand
and a gun in the other …

they pushed the ten commandments
yet slaughtered then stole their land?

claiming they emancipated
when in fact they incarcerated

and still the bigotry runs deep
as elite sportsmen are publicly crucified

migrants are not treated well but have more
opportunities than traditional land owners

where does the fear and insecurity come from
how can we justify such uncharitable behaviour

the oldest living culture
survived more than 65 thousand years

weathered many climate changes
yet their treatment brings me to tears

we are all equal and worthy of respect
diversity enhances, don’t build up regret

inspired by Kevin Carmody the Songman and his tribe …
the hypocrisy of invasion


  1. This is exactly what happened to my country kate. We were colonized by three giant countries.. the longest of which is the one for over a century leaving us with exhausted natural resources and people who are totally lost. One claimed to have left us one important thing: christianity. But looking back i wonder though, was it for our good or did they just make us believe so? One country left us with so called colonial mentality; that is, imported goods are better than locally manufactured and produced goods. The other left us war mentality; that is, there will be no change unless we wage a war.

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      • hey I’m deeply disappointed that the doco on Adam Goodes hasn’t been compulsory viewing for all staff, players, members and fans of every footy club in oz!
        Bigotry has destroyed yet another life …


  2. A very interesting poem about man and civilization. People’s behavior is the eternal problem: some build and others destroy.
    Sereczewo I am sending

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  3. Sad that this ever went on…and sad it still goes on. 😦
    We should cherish and appreciate the things we have in common…and learn from and respect our differences with other people/cultures.
    Work together. Celebrate the good. Make the planet a safe home to all.

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  4. Valid points. Also, though, I’m grateful to the Romans for civilizing my ancestors.

    Time’s sweep inspires a fuller appreciation for that particular service.

    Greed motivated the Romans, but so too did idealism. The Romans’ dreams that caused them to leave behind familiar warmth to face the harsh Northern wilds. From that initial displacement much flowered in the ensuing millennia, including us, and our dreams and hopes..

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    • oh please Hammad, this situation breaks my heart … I love the region and the people!
      Many young men moved to my area of HP to set up business in order to escape the fighting and they miss their families so much!
      Both India and Pakistan should clear out and leave it as a no man’s land, a buffer zone! It’s so wrong …

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