colonialism has corrupted
local customs and beliefs

invaders act superior as they enforce
their preferred customs and religion

referring to locals as barbarians
or worse still don’t acknowledge

they come with Bible in one hand
and a gun in the other …

they pushed the ten commandments
yet slaughtered then stole their land?

claiming they emancipated
when in fact they incarcerated

and still the bigotry runs deep
as elite sportsmen are publicly crucified

migrants are not treated well but have more
opportunities than traditional land owners

where does the fear and insecurity come from
how can we justify such uncharitable behaviour

the oldest living culture
survived more than 65 thousand years

weathered many climate changes
yet their treatment brings me to tears

we are all equal and worthy of respect
diversity enhances, don’t build up regret

inspired by Kevin Carmody the Songman and his tribe …
the hypocrisy of invasion