grazing wallaby

on our early morning walk
we meet a wandering wallaby
he bounded to a safe distance
then gazed at us with curiosity
disturbing him was not fair
for this was his grazing pasture

before we are put out to pasture
we laugh and cry; crawl and walk
for love and life are our affair
be like that wondrous wallaby
check everything with curiosity
to ensure we last the distance

live life with less resistance
don’t whinge and posture
explore with childlike curiosity
it’s our choice to dance or walk
or bound about like a wallaby
heal with cheer, don’t despair

we all know that life can be unfair
kind care will narrow that distance
between satisfaction or wallowing
so grow maturely in life’s pasture
as with loved ones we shall walk
opening our minds with curiosity

ignite creativity with real curiosity
know that we can heal and repair
talk, laugh, eat well and walk
let loss and grief fade to distance
for we can nurture our pasture
like a bouncy wandering wallaby

whether tiger, kitten or wallaby
we can imagine with our curiosity
by river, mountain or pasture
in school, work or a trade fair
those memories last the distance
as we stand tall for our life’s walk

graze calmly in your pasture like a wallaby
create and walk tall with genuine curiosity
connect fairly so we mutually last the distance

the first stanza actually happened this morning, then the rest flowed

dVerse, distorted sestina with homonyms, Bjorn


  1. This reminds me of yesterday… one lone young duck was beneath the one of my bird feeders.
    I was in my morning routine of filling up the feeders. I told the duck to not go to far – and she waddled a little distance and I tossed some extra seed on the ground under the one feeder for her.
    Then I kept my distance to fill the rest of my feeders. And she waddled back and enjoyed the seed.

    I would very much like to believe that ‘my’ birds know I like them and they in return sing and entertain me 🙂

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  2. I love the wallaby and how you change to wallowing, just once! It creates a lovely scene for recollections and some difficult word endings but curiously they work without drawing attention, except for the graceful wallaby! We have lizards!

    Liked by 1 person

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