Friday Fun – double meaning

often we see signs [physical or metaphysical] that have double meaning!

please share your pics or stories about a double meaning you’ve noticed …

Whether through your lens or using creative writing … go where the prompt leads!

a sign with double meaning …. sorry did just use this in a post


Please complete before next Friday using a pingback to link your post.


  1. HA! This is great! 😀

    We often see signs around schools or playgrounds that say “Children Drive Slowly” or “Slow Children Playing”. We know what they REALLY mean, but I always think of something else!

    HUGS and Happy Fri-YAY!!! 😛

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    • to me you [the person] is constructed of gender symbols, the cross is burning … I think I get that symbolism … the birds are flying right way up and upside down, religion is indeed topsy turvy, offering support but can be fanatical, man made rules, etc … am I close?


  2. Bump. When I see those signs I’m expecting a much bigger problem (a bump in the road figuratively speaking would indicate something that sets you back or causes a detour or delay) but mostly it is a tiny bump in the pavement that you hardly notice.

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  3. There are so many words with more than one meaning in most languages.
    The fun comes in when the meanings are mixed up.
    One oxymoron ; Jumbo Shrimp.

    Often when traveling as a youngster with my folks in a car, my dad would almost in a (humors) panic , say; Quick get out a pad and pencil, the sign says: Draw Bridge. 😉

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