sweet surrender

all tiredness and stress evaporate
as tranquility blankets my landscape

space to ruminate to truly penetrate
such calm is crucial to obliterate

those worldly distractions that frustrate
mind and body gently ease to anticipate

everything I can and should appreciate
blissfulness the ultimate escape!

dVerse, tranquillity in 44 words, Lillian


  1. Beautiful…but you haven’t included the word “tranquility” (or a form of the word IE tranquil) in the body of the poem. The poem must include the word; not just be about the word. You can easily substitute tranquility for calmness or calm in the first stanza and you will have met the requirements of the prompt.

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  2. Oh, Kate, you, and your poem, FASCINATE, REJUVENATE, and MOTIVATE us Thank you! 🙂

    To find peace, calm, tranquility in our minds, hearts, and surroundings is so wonderful! I can feel it radiating from you! And I am enjoying it! 🙂

    I promote peace…I’ve made a peaceful home, a peaceful life, etc.
    I don’t have any need for chaos or drama! 😉 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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