the highwaymen arrived with purses of gold
the innkeepers eyes glazed over with greed
the locals were evicted, gone without heed

trouble in paradise as lifestyles were uncertain
homeless vagrants, returned to parents home
or purchased vans for nomadic life on wheels

the highwaymen will be gone in March
what of those greedy innkeepers then
locals have long memories and had to adapt


  1. Seasonal workers are a common sight in our province kate and so houses there were turned into inns thaf accommodate these workers who stays for a short period of time..i remember a story of a family who had all the rooms in their house rented out and they chose to sleep/live in a makeshift room outside their house…i couldnt believe it at first but i when i passed by that area and saw it myself i was shocked..

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  2. Reminds me of when I had reservations at a hotel airport – but with a fight (perhaps many flight delays and cancellations due to weather ) my own room was no longer available – given to those who already held them. Some folks at the front desk who were given another hotel mentioned they would rather sleep at the airport than go to that other place – and in hindsight perhaps I should have done the same as the referred hotel was just a step above horrid.

    I imagine your verse speaks to tourist towns that have to contend with seasonal tourists too.

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  3. The poems back, it was blocked yesterday and I couldn’t comment…..

    “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”
    Don’t burn you bridges behind you’
    Elephants have ears too………

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  4. Good economy, Kate, expressing the point effectively.

    We’d do well to act as though each moment is our last, as it builds a happier world, both for ourselves and for those who interact with us.


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