Rhonda Recycled

Rhonda had been sexually abused as a child
by a door to door salesman at three
then her own brother at eleven
raped by a mate at twenty
her mother wouldn’t believe her
had raised her sons as entitled white men
women their mere servants to offer sexual favours

her mother a fault finding continuously put Rhonda down
the mental and emotional abuse were relentless
what message did Rhonda get …

then later in life Rhonda knew it was all wrong
nobody should be subjected to such ongoing abuse
her mother now the worst offender
the salesmen never reprimanded
her brother denied it ardently
her mate a medical professional who’d raped five she knew of
this left her free to be herself

with no compulsion to conform to society
her inner seer shouted loudly 
‘You will love again the stranger who was your self’.

dVerse, Prosery #3 Love, 144 words, Kim to include the sentence …
‘You will love again the stranger who was your self’.  Pic courtesy of google



  1. Despite its unfathomable trials, the story ends well for Rhonda, as her persistence ultimately brings triumph. They’re the fires that forged her true character. Rhonda’s quality prevailed,

    This poem, then, is a wonderful means of encouraging others. Rhonda took an awful situation and made it sublime. But for more just like her.

    Actually, aspects of life are tough for everyone, even if you’re a Rockefeller heir. Naturally, some challenges are more daunting than are others, some dramatically so. Still, the Rhondas of this world light the path and show the way forward.

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  2. Powerful! Poignant! Reality to too many! 😦
    You always understand and you always point us to hope, evolving, healing, help, etc. Thank you, SweetKate! 🙂
    I work on not letting my past determine or dominate or defeat my today and my tomorrow….but I do let my past help me help other people.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. To accept the past as unchangeable and to embrace the malleability of the future is to become the shaper of one’s own destiny. I love the way you start out with despair and end with hope.

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  4. Some of us have such awful lives and it takes guts to overcome it all. You’ve given me much to think about. Such a tragic story, but some hope at the end. Why conform to a society that turns a blind eye?

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  5. Powerful and way to truthful for way too many. When they don’t have a voice, we must be their voice and the ones who hold them up when they can’t stand on their own…to show them their value and their worth.

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  6. i was just going to mention that you disappeared from my reader and had to keep looking you up, found out i had unfollowed you, wonder how WP made that happen, anyway i am back now!! love your flash with poetic sweetness

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  7. The gremlin is strong on this post, I say.
    My earlier comment has vanished, along with your reply, which I was reading up in my notifications. Before I could reply on it, poof!
    Gone it was!!

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