Rhonda had been sexually abused as a child
by a door to door salesman at three
then her own brother at eleven
raped by a mate at twenty
her mother wouldn’t believe her
had raised her sons as entitled white men
women their mere servants to offer sexual favours

her mother a fault finding continuously put Rhonda down
the mental and emotional abuse were relentless
what message did Rhonda get …

then later in life Rhonda knew it was all wrong
nobody should be subjected to such ongoing abuse
her mother now the worst offender
the salesmen never reprimanded
her brother denied it ardently
her mate a medical professional who’d raped five she knew of
this left her free to be herself

with no compulsion to conform to society
her inner seer shouted loudly 
‘You will love again the stranger who was your self’.

dVerse, Prosery #3 Love, 144 words, Kim to include the sentence …
‘You will love again the stranger who was your self’.  Pic courtesy of google