Irma of I Do Run

I consider Irma to be a wordsmith, one whose posts consistently “touch” my heart.  And a great poet

For sale! The Ultimate Cure for your ills
It removes pride, hatred, entitlement
It heals hearts and minds as your soul, it fills
But I don’t say this for my amusement
In fact, that’s the cure for Life’s excrement

Put on your fun pants, ignore the pshaw
Start with a titter, a chuckle, guffaw
The wheels start turning when you realize
That laughter, the cure-all, relaxes your jaw
So smile in the face of what you despise

This isn’t snake oil but conflict detox
Holster your words, your glares, your fist and gun
Your howl of hilarity will outfox
The zombies who follow the orange one
Mark Twain said laughter is the best weapon


via The Cure – Not the Band but a Double Dizain — I Do Run


  1. The world around us is generous, Kate, providing ample reasons for laughter, joy and effervescence.

    Tears and frustrations too, but they find the ground much less fertile. Maybe try a little honey the next time.

    Continuing and updating a recent observation, you and Irma cultivate the soul, being sure the garden gets just enough to drink, and plenty of sunshine!

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  2. Oh Kate!!! I have been in “hibernation” and ventured out and finally found this. How much more can I love you for reminding me of this poem I wrote oh so long ago at a time when I really needed it?! You are such a pure spirit! I am most grateful for your presence in my life! ❤️

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