why are there living dead
with frozen heart and head
life gouged and wounded deep
numbed into a hazy sleep
health issues fill with fear
or digital digest costs dear

hold help and hope dear
or waste this life feeling dead
review expectations and fear
best to check heart and head
to awaken from this deep sleep
raw frozen numbing cuts deep

now alive so breath deep
all are worthy and truly dear
awaken now forget sleep
soon enough we’ll be dead
be a risk taker to get ahead
thaw from any frozen fear

don’t be governed by fear
don’t let it to cut so deep
don’t be ruled by my head
don’t fear, know I’m dear
live for we are a long time dead
love and laugh, no time to sleep

avoid the vortex of deep sleep
be cheery don’t freeze with fear
live now I’m not yet dead
let joy and creativity run deep
cherish these qualities so dear
know that in my heart and head

open my heart to get ahead
let light seep into my sleep
for I am precious and dear
a wasted life I should fear
let love and joy run deep
live now for I’m not dead

don’t lose my head to fear
awaken from deep sleep
know I am dear not dead!

dVerse, Sestina, Victoria
The sestina contains six stanzas, each with six lines and concludes with a three line envoi.